Why Does Project Solar Require a $100 Deposit?

Our customer support reps are occasionally asked why Project Solar requires a refundable $100 deposit before starting a final design and contract offer. The answer has to do with efficiency and keeping our prices low.

Traditional Solar Sales

The traditional solar sales model requires quite a bit of wasted time to get a sale: knocking on lots of doors and cold-calling lots of uninterested leads. A commissioned rep could try to reach hundreds of people before finding an interested client.

That wasted time translates into commission for the sales rep when they finally close a sale–an extra expense that raises prices.

Because of our efficient online advertising approach, we have the opposite problem–we’re flooded with inquiries about our product. To make sure our time is spent efficiently, we need a way to make sure that we focus on serious customers.

Our Solution

By requiring a $100 deposit, we ensure that our onboarding and design teams can take their time to provide the most interested customers with professional designs and accurate contracts.

If you’re not satisfied with the design or price we come up with after you make a deposit, just let your onboarding specialist know that you’d like to cancel, and ask for a refund. We’ll get your money back to you in full.

Your $100 deposit is fully refundable up until you sign a contract with us. If you cancel your project post-contract, you will forfeit the deposit and be responsible for any applicable cancellation penalties outlined in your contract. 

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