How do I know if solar will fit on my roof?

Evaluating a home for solar is pretty straight forward. 

  1. Is the roof in good condition? See "should I replace my roof" article. *Please note, we we do not currently offer installation on Decra or foam/manufactured home roofs. 
  2. Do you have south, east, west facing roof space available? North is doable, but significantly lowers your systems performance
  3. Is your south, east, or west facing roof free of tree coverage? Does the roof plane get sun throughout the day?

If your answer is yes to these 3 questions, you most likely qualify for solar. 

If you are looking for a more in depth design, we offer this service for free simply by emailing your most recent utility bill to with the subject, "site design please". This FREE site design will show you optimal panel placement for maximum efficiency and ROI. The design is produced using satellite imagery, lidar for shading, and historic weather and sun patterns to estimate precise production data. 

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