Will solar cause roof leaks?

One of the most common concerns people have with solar is roof leaks. 

"I'm not going to put holes in my roof!"

Did you know your roof already has thousands of holes in it? Shingles and tiles are nailed into our plywood decking - they just happen to be done so in a waterproof way. 

When installed properly, solar mounting hardware is just as (if not more) water-tight than your existing roofing material. The technology has come a long way - click here to see video example

An astute reader will probably note the disclaimer "when installed properly." Solar is installed by humans, and humans make mistakes. Even with the cutting edge solar mounting hardware, leaks are still possible. This is why every Project Solar install comes standard with a double backed 10 year workmanship warranty. Roof leaks at Project Solar occur in less than 1/1,000 installs. 

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