Will solar cause roof leaks?

Many people considering solar are concerned about roof leaks. Understanding the equipment involved in roof and solar work, as well as the processes for remedying rare leaks, can help.

Most roofs already have hundreds of holes in them—shingles and tiles are nailed directly into the plywood decking. However, the equipment is designed to prevent leaks, and unless the installer makes a mistake, it almost always does.

Like roofing hardware, solar mounting hardware does penetrate the roof, but when installed properly, is usually just as water tight. 

Click here to see a video example of the IronRidge Flashfoot, a type of mounting commonly used in Project Solar installs.

When a Leak Occurs

Even with cutting-edge solar mounting hardware, leaks are still possible if the equipment is installed incorrectly or defective (although this is very rare—roof leaks at Project Solar occur in less than 1 in 1,000 installs).

To ensure you're protected from roof leaks, every Project Solar install comes standard with a double-backed 10-year workmanship warranty. If something goes wrong, both our install partner and Project Solar guarantee the quality of the workmanship in full.

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