Can I DIY a Battery Install?

Project Solar currently only offers Enphase IQ batteries for DIY installs. While it is possible to install these batteries DIY, it is not always recommended.

The process of installation for batteries is more difficult than standard solar installations, and Enphase requires a certification for the battery to be issued (you'll need to take a free course on their website to obtain this certification). 

Enphase's batteries are almost 150lbs, and battery installs will require a System Controller, which can further complicate the install process. 

What's included in a DIY battery project?

Along with the components of your DIY solar system, your DIY battery system will include the following:

  • Batteries
  • IQ System Controller
  • Critical loads panel
  • Load controllers (as needed)

As with a DIY solar install, your DIY battery install will not include balance of system items, such as tools, wiring, breakers, etc.

You'll need to visit the Enphase University site to get certified to install your battery. Project Solar can't provide DIY instructions or support for battery installs.

Power Bank - affordable, user-friendly backup

If you're looking for a less complicated alternative, the Project Solar Power Bank and its accessories are a great option, at a fraction of the pricing for Enphase batteries. 

This storage device is expandable, affordable, and portable, and a Transfer Switch SubPanel can be installed that will provide a simplified backup process.

You can read more about the Power Bank here:

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