Ground Mounted Systems

Ground-mounted solar systems, as opposed to rooftop or roof-mounted solar systems, are panels mounted on various types of racking affixed to the ground instead of to the roof of a building. Ground mount racking can come in many shapes, including high-tech (but expensive) setups that track the motion of the sun through the sky.

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Project Solar's Ground Mount Equipment

Project Solar uses IronRidge XR Ground Mount and similar racking systems, which are relatively low cost, sturdy, and angled to capture optimal sunlight.

This type of racking can fit 4 rows of landscape-oriented panels, and is mounted to concrete, although helical screws can also be used.

Ground Mount Applications

Because they are more costly than roof mounts, ground mounts are best used when a roof-mounted system is not possible, such as when a roof is heavily shaded or cannot structurally support solar.

However, some customers also opt for ground mounted systems for aesthetic concerns or because they would like a larger system than their roof can fit.

Ground mounted solar is also commonly used by residents of mobile homes who own the land their home is placed on.

Ground Mount Pricing

Because there is more equipment and labor required to install them, ground mounted systems are more expensive than rooftop solar systems. Project Solar charges a flat additional $0.75/W for a ground mounted system. Beyond this flat charge, there will also likely be additional cost for trenching and running conduit.

In addition, because small ground mounted systems can have high static labor and equipment costs that reduce ROI, Project Solar doesn’t offer full installs for any ground mounted systems under 12 kW DC system size.

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