I Have an Existing System - Can Project Solar Add to It?

This article outlines the process for adding panels and inverters to existing systems, but not batteries. For more information on adding a battery to your system, check out our article on Solar Battery Options With Project Solar.


Some homeowners who have already installed solar on their homes (or have purchased homes with existing solar systems) have discovered that their system size may be insufficient for their usage–maybe they’ve purchased an electric vehicle, or switched out some gas appliances for electric alternatives.

Whatever the reason, increased usage calls for increased solar production, and many solar owners have found that their original solar provider has either gone out of business, isn’t able to add to their system, or charges too much.

The truth is, tying into an existing solar system can be difficult, or even impossible–especially with equipment compatibility. Additionally, tying into an existing system can void its warranty. 

Project Solar’s solution to this problem is to simply add a whole other system; we won’t modify the existing one.

What is The Process Like if I Add Panels To an Existing System?

In most cases, the process of adding to your system will be similar to the process of installing the system you already have.

We’ll need to draw up plans and submit them to the appropriate parties for approval, as your current plans will not include the added solar capacity. You can read more about our standard process in our article titled "The Project Solar Process."

If you live in California, it's important to remember that adding to your existing system will require a new Net Metering agreement, and your current policy will be voided. If your current agreement is under NEM 1.0 or NEM 2.0, you'll be switched to NEM 3.0. 

What If I Purchased My Original System Through Project Solar?

If you’ve installed a system through Project Solar before, it’s more likely that we’ll be able to directly tie in to your original system. Plus, we’ll already have most of the needed information on file.

This can help shorten the process, though we’ll still need to draw up plans and attain permits for your new project. 

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