Why Does Project Solar Need a Utility Bill From Me?

When starting a project with Project Solar, you'll be asked to upload a utility bill. In this article, we'll discuss what exactly we need from you in this regard, and why. 

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One of the most important steps while designing a solar system is making sure your panels produce the right amount of energy for your needs. Our designers use industry-leading software to accurately project production, but we need to know how much energy you're using in order to get the math right.

Most utility bills include a graph of your electricity usage throughout the year, or a yearly usage total. A graph is particularly helpful when designing your system, because it shows the differences in your usage from season to season. 

Our software uses these monthly usage numbers to estimate potential bill savings and ensures that you have the necessary amount of panels for your needs. 

If your utility bill doesn't include any yearly usage info, there are a couple solutions: 

  1.  Use your online portal. Most utility companies nowadays have an online account feature for customers. There, you can see your usage, view past bills/payments, etc. Yearly usage is typically viewable in this account. 
  2. Contact your utility company. If you aren't able to access an online account, contact your provider directly. They'll be able to help you find what you need. 

It's important to remember, though, that we still need a copy of the utility bill, even if it doesn't have yearly usage details. You can send your yearly usage to our team separately if needed. 

Applications and Approvals

Grid-tied solar systems are always required to be permitted and approved by your jurisdiction and utility company. Luckily, Project Solar handles submitting the paperwork for these processes. 

To apply on your behalf, there are elements of your utility bill that we'll need, such as your address, rate schedule, meter number, etc. If we're missing any of this necessary information from your utility bill, we'll contact you. 

What if I don't have a utility bill?

If you recently moved in to your home, you may not have received a utility bill yet. In this case, contact our Customer Experience Team and let them know. They'll be able to help you work around this step as much as possible by collecting alternate information. 

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