How Do I Return a Product from the Project Solar Store?

For more information on returns, check out Project Solar's return policy.

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In the world of online shopping, the need to return an item that didn't quite meet expectations is inevitable. This article will outline the returns process for products purchased from the Project Solar Store.

Initiating a Return

To initiate a return, please fill out our Returns Form:

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This form will ask you a few questions to learn more about what products you're returning, whether they're defective or not, and more. 

Once we receive it, we can ship you some return packaging and/or shipping labels to return your items. 


To ship an item back to Project Solar, the correct packaging will need to be used. If you no longer have the original shipping materials, we will send you new packaging with your label.

Power Banks and Expansion Packs will always need a new outer box for shipping to comply with shipping regulations. If you're returning one of these products, this box will be sent to you along with your shipping label. 

Additionally, Power Banks and Expansion Packs cannot be dropped off at a post office or FedEx/UPS location - they will need to picked up directly from your home. 

Power Banks & Expansion Packs

When your return packaging arrives, it will include the following items: 

  1. Shipping label(s)
  2. Return Instructions
  3. Shipping Tape

Follow the return instructions closely, and do not apply your shipping label before a quality-check with a Project Solar representative. Contact us once your return has been packaged, or if you have any questions or concerns.

Solar Panels, EZ Carts, Transfer Switches, and other items

Non-Power Bank items can be returned more easily: if you have the original packaging for one of these products, we can simply send you a digital shipping label to return the product. 

The same strict shipping regulations do not apply for these, so they can be dropped off at a UPS location. 

Scheduling a Pickup with a Courier

Once you've packaged your products, contact Project Solar so we can verify the return is packaged correctly and help you apply the label. Remember, Power Banks and Expansion Packs need to be picked up from your home, so if your return includes one of these products we'll arrange a pickup time as well. 

If you're only returning solar panels, a cart, or a transfer switch, the process may differ slightly, since these products can be shipped without the same regulations required for Power Banks. 

Follow the instructions given to you by our Customer Experience Team. We'll work with you to get your products safely returned as soon as possible. 

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