Project Solar's Pricing: How Does It Work?

Our main goal at Project Solar is to offer the best price for solar in the nation, without any sales commissions. This means using a model driven by fairness and transparency - a stark contrast to the inconsistent pricing practices prevalent in the solar industry.

Many solar companies base their pricing on factors such as sunlight availability and local electricity rates, often charging more in areas with higher rates (even if their costs remain consistent). This approach can lead to customers paying substantially more for the same solar system.

At Project Solar, we believe in a flat pricing model that ensures consistency and equity for all customers, irrespective of utility rates or incentives. We don't manipulate our prices from project to project, and we strive to provide a universal, reliable, and cost-effective solution to each customer.

Our pricing structure takes into consideration both economies of scale and fixed costs associated with solar installations. While larger systems naturally have higher total costs, the cost per watt decreases due to the economies of scale.

To achieve a fair balance, we use a sliding scale price-per-watt (PPW) model which ensures proportional costs across a range of system sizes.

For DIY installations, systems larger than 13 kW are priced at $1.80 per watt, while smaller systems begin at $2.10 per watt for 4 kW installations (systems below 4 kW will have a small system size adder). 

If you're interested in a Full Service install, we offer this service for an additional $0.50-$0.70 per watt (depending on location). 

It's important to note that these prices reflect the actual cost: they do not consider state and federal incentives, which are rightfully yours and not factored into our pricing.

For more information about our pricing, as well as a full list of any possible added costs ("adders"), check out this article: Pricing with Project Solar - How it Works and How to Analyze

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