How Does It Work? The Project Solar Power Bank Information Guide


Project Solar has launched a new storage option: the Power Bank Solar Battery Kit. This is a great alternative for customers who want an affordable, portable, versatile backup.

Here, you can find specifications, user manuals, and answers to questions for our Power Bank products:


The Power Bank Solar Battery Kit is available in two sizes: the Power Bank 600 and the Power Bank 2000. Customers may also purchase up to 2 Expansion Packs for each Power Bank 2000 (IMPORTANT: the Power Bank 600 is not expandable).

These batteries can be charged using three different methods: AC charging (standard wall outlet), solar panel charging, and car charging.

Solar panels can be added to any of these batteries, but the 2000 will have the largest solar input capacity. We offer portable, foldable 200W solar panels, as well as full-size residential panels on our store (note: full-size residential panels will not be available for free shipping).

The Power Bank 600 has a carrying handle, and the Power Bank 2000 includes a carrying trolley called an EZ Cart.


You can also purchase a Transfer Switch to connect your battery directly to essential loads in your home. This switch comes in a small subpanel. We offer the switch, Power Bank, and optional Expansion Packs/Solar panels as a "Home Backup Kit". 

It is important to know that this switch is only usable with the Power Bank 2000, not the Power Bank 600. We do not currently provide any install support for this switch. 

Additionally, these products are not available as part of your solar contract--you'll need to purchase them separately from our store. 


  • Spec Sheets and User Manuals

Power Bank 2000 Download Spec Sheet Download User Manual
Power Bank 600 Download Spec Sheet

Download User Manual

Expansion Pack 3000 Download Spec Sheet Download User Manual
200W Portable Solar Panels Download Spec Sheet 

Download User Manual

Q-CELLS 400W Panel Download Spec Sheet

Download Installation Guide

Transfer Switch Download Spec Sheet Install Guide
EZ Cart   Download User Manual


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General Questions

"Can I charge these products with my home solar system?"
If you have a home solar system (or, if you’re planning on installing one), connecting your Power Bank directly to your home solar system would exceed its power rating, so this is not supported.

You can plug your Power Bank into a standard AC outlet while your system is producing to capture solar energy. 

"How long will my Power Bank/Expansion Pack hold a charge when not in use?"
Lithium batteries can hold a charge for longer than other batteries, but we’d still recommend discharging your Power Bank to ~30% and charging it to ~60% every 3 months to make sure it’s powered up for when you need it. It’s also important to note that high or low temperature conditions can exacerbate the battery’s self-discharge rate.

"Can I leave my Power Bank/Expansion Pack plugged in all the time?"
Leaving your Power Bank/Expansion Pack plugged into a power source at all times is not recommended, as this can damage the battery.

“What lengths are the solar cables for these products?”

The Power Bank 2000 includes 2 MC-4 cables, which are 2 feet long each. Each Expansion Pack 3000 or Power Bank 600 will include one of these 2-feet long MC-4 cables as well.

The portable solar panels include a built-in MC-4 cable that is approx. 10 feet long. Our Q-CELLS panels, on the other hand, will have an MC-4 cable built in that is about 3-4 feet long.

If you need a longer MC-4 cable for your solar setup, we’d recommend purchasing them through an online retailer like Amazon, eBay, etc (where they are easily available). Just make sure you purchase the correct cable type: MC-4.

"Do these products have a 220V/240V output port?"

Our Power Bank products do not currently include any 220V/240V output options.

"Where is the Power Bank manufactured?"

Our Power Bank is manufactured with our partners in China.


Orders, Shipping, and Warranties

"When will my order arrive? Can I have a tracking number?"
Our current processing times are about 24 hours, but orders can take longer to process in some cases. Shipping times are about 5-7 days. 

You will receive an order confirmation email after placing your order, as well as a shipping confirmation email with tracking information once your order has been shipped. If you have a question about your order status, contact or use the chat on our website and an agent will assist you as soon as possible. 

"There is an issue with my order and/or I need to cancel it. Who do I contact?"
Please contact or use the chat on our website to get in touch with us so we can resolve your issue. 

"What courier does Project Solar use?"
Project Solar uses FedEx to deliver our Power Bank products. 

"Are these products available outside the continental US?"
We do not currently accept orders outside the continental US. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

"What is the warranty? What's covered?"
Our Power Bank Products (Power Bank 2000, Power Bank 600, Expansion Pack 3000, 200W Portable Solar Panels, EZ Cart) come with a 1 year warranty. 

This warranty covers any defects in our products, which should be minimal. Our warranty does not apply to products that are misused, abused, modified, damaged by accident, or used for anything other than standard consumer use (as authorized in Project Solar’s current product literature). 

"How do I return a product?"
Check out this article to learn how to process a return.

Power Bank 2000

"How can I charge my Power Bank 2000?"
You can charge your Power Bank 2000 from your home, your car, and/or portable solar panels. Since there are two input ports, you can even plug your power bank into multiple power sources to charge it faster.

"How many portable solar panels can be paired with the Power Bank 2000?"
You can add up to 6x200W portable solar panels to the Power Bank 2000 (3 solar panels for each charging port). Please refer to your User Manual for connection instructions.

"How many Expansion Packs (3000) can be added to the Power Bank 2000?"
You can add up to 2 Expansion Packs (3000) to each Power Bank 2000.

"What devices can I run with my Power Bank 2000?"
You can run any device with a consumption power of up to 2,000 watts, and the Power Bank 2000 is rated for 4000W surge power. It’s also important to keep in mind that inductive types of loads (such as freezers, fridges, compressors, etc) typically require a higher power to start (~3-7 times higher) than their rated power.

"Where can I find a guide to my Power Bank 2000 settings menu?"
You can learn about your Power Bank's settings menu, as well as learn how to calibrate and connect an Expansion Pack, with this article: How Do I Calibrate My Power Bank 2000 to Connect an Expansion Pack?

Expansion Pack 3000

"Can I use and charge my Expansion Pack 3000 separately from my Power Bank 2000?"
Yes, you can charge and/or discharge your Expansion Pack 3000 separately from your Power Bank.

You can use an AC charger cable, a car charger cable, or up to 400W of solar input to charge your Expansion Pack. This battery has one XT60 output port, one USB-A output port, and one USB-C output port.

IMPORTANT: When your Expansion Pack is connected to your Power Bank with a cascade cable, it is not usually recommended to use the input ports on both devices simultaneously, as this could disrupt the connection and require further balancing.

"How do I know when my Expansion Pack 3000 is fully charged?"
You can check your Expansion Pack 3000’s battery capacity by short-pressing the Power Display Switch, next to the LED Capacity Indicators. The battery will illuminate the correct indicator, showing you the charging status of your EP3000.

"How do I sync and my Expansion Packs and Power Bank 2000?"

To sync the Power Bank and Expansion Pack(s), ensure that the power levels of each battery are within 10% of each other (fully charged is ideal). After they’re synced, they can be connected with the cascade cable(s) and the power level can be calibrated.
To calibrate the power level for your Power Bank and connect it to your Expansion Pack(s), follow the steps in this article.

"How many Expansion Packs can I cascade?"
You can connect up to 2 Expansion Packs with the Power Bank 2000, for a combined capacity of 8,064Wh.

Power Bank 600

"How many portable solar panels can be paired with the Power Bank 600?"
You can add up to 2x200W portable solar panels to the Power Bank 600. Please refer to your User Manual for connection instructions, and ensure you keep your solar within the correct voltage requirements.

"Can I add an Expansion Pack 3000 to my Power Bank 600?"
No, the Power Bank 600 is not expandable.

"What devices can I run with my Power Bank 600?"
You can run any device with a consumption power of up to 1,200 watts.

"Can I connect my Power Bank 600 to my home with a Transfer Switch Sub-Panel?"
No. This feature is only available for the Power Bank 2000, as the Power Bank 600’s power rating and capacity are not sufficient for home backup.

Solar Panels

"What is the capacity of Project Solar’s portable solar panels?"
Each portable solar panel is rated for 200W.

"How many solar panels can I use to charge my Power Bank?"
If you have the Power Bank 2000, you can add up to 6 of our 200W solar panels. If you are looking to charge your Expansion Packs separately or if you have the Power Bank 600, you can connect up to 2 of our 200W solar panels to each of these devices. Please refer to your User Manuals for directions on connecting solar modules, and make sure to follow the correct voltage requirements.

"What if I have my own solar panels? Can I connect those to my Power Bank, or do I need to purchase Project Solar’s 200W portable panels?"
If you have spare solar panels, you can use them to charge your Power Bank. However, you’ll need to ensure that they fit within the operating voltage and rating of your Power Bank (see Power Bank User Manual). We offer Q-CELLS 400W panels on our store as well as another option.

Installed home solar systems cannot be directly connected to your Power Bank. To charge your Power Bank with a home solar system’s energy, connect it to an AC outlet in your home during sunny hours.

"Can I use the 200W Portable Solar Panels outdoors?"
These panels can be used outdoors, but due to their fabric casing they are not completely weatherproof. This casing can deteriorate if exposed to severe weather conditions for an extended period of time. When not in use, they should be stored in a clean, dry area.

More importantly, the connected batteries and devices that you’re charging with the panels need to stay dry, so keep them covered up and protected from dust, rain, and snow.

Transfer Switch / Home Backup Kit

"What is included in the Home Backup Kit?"
The Home Backup Kit includes the Power Bank 2000 and a SubPanel Transfer Switch (plus all applicable accessories). Solar panels and Expansion Packs are optional add-ons.

"Can Project Solar install my Transfer Switch Sub-Panel for me?"
Project Solar does not currently facilitate the installation of this product, so this will need to be completed either through a third party or DIY.

"How many circuits can be backed up with my Transfer Switch?"
You can backup up to 4 circuits, with an amperage of up to 15A.

"Is my Power Bank locked into my house once I connect it to my Transfer Switch for backup power?"
No, it is not! The Power Bank will plug into the SubPanel with a simple cable that can be easily unplugged. For instance, you can connect your Power Bank for home backup during an outage, and then unplug it and bring it with you in the event of an evacuation.

"Can I charge my Power Bank with this Transfer Switch?"
No, this SubPanel will only draw power from your Power Bank–it won’t charge the Power Bank.

You can, however, charge your Power Bank with a car charger, standard AC charger, or  solar panels while it’s connected to your SubPanel. Just make sure not to exceed the power rating listed in your User Manual.

Solar Charging Times

  • Power Bank 2000

     Solar Input  Estimated Charging Time*
     200W  15~16 hours
     400W  7~8 hours
     600W  5~6 hours
     800W  3~4 hours
     1200W (MAX)  2~3 hours

    *Solar charging times may vary based on weather conditions. Charging times will be extended if connected to Expansion Pack(s).

  • Expansion Pack 3000

     Solar Input  Estimated Charging Time*
     200W  19~20 hours
     400W  10~11 hours

    *Solar charging times may vary based on weather conditions. Expansion Packs can be charged with a larger solar input by connecting a charging Power Bank 2000 (larger solar input limit).

  • Power Bank 600

     Solar Input  Estimated Charging Time*
     200W  3~4 hours
     400W  1.5~2.5 hours

    *Solar charging times may vary based on weather conditions.


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