Can Project Solar Install an Off-Grid System?

Project Solar can help with a system that is fully grid-independent, but you'll still be connected to your utility company.


True Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid solar systems are solar systems that are not connected to the power grid at all--they rely instead on battery banks to provide power when the sun isn't shining.


This is different from "grid-agnostic," "grid-independent," or "whole-home backup" systems, which are still connected to the grid, but rely on battery backup instead of the grid whenever possible.


At Project Solar, we can help with whole-home backup, but we do not install true "off-grid" systems, which often require unique equipment and are difficult or impossible to permit (for example, some jurisdictions prohibit off-grid residences altogether). 


Whole-Home Backup

If you'd like to explore whole-home backup, where your home is independent from the grid but still connected, ask our Customer Experience Team about battery options. To keep an entire home running during outages, you'll need to make sure you have enough batteries. 


Partial Backup and Other Options

You can also power some devices with batteries, even if you don't opt to back up your entire house. Besides traditional solar batteries, Project Solar also offers Power Bank products that allow portable backup.


If none of these options work for you, and you're set on an off-grid system, we recommend doing some research to find a reputable installer that can complete the project.

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