What does the overall job process look like with Project Solar?

Project Solar works with dozens of install partners nationwide and we are excited to have you join our install network. The only way Project Solar has been able to maintain these relationships is through successful communication. In this guide, expectations will be set to ensure that there is no lack of accountability to the customer.

Process Overview

Job Handoff

Site Survey

Engineering, NEM, and Permitting

Schedule Install & Delivery

Day of Installation


Job Handoff

After a job is successfully sold by Project Solar, a work order will be sent to your preferred contact to sign off on. This work order will detail out the work being completed by you, any adders associated with the job, as well as payment periods for the job.

Build Partner VS Hybrid Partner: For hybrid partners, this job order will be sent immediately after the jobs is sold by Project Solar. At receipt of this job order, our hybrid partners will work with our site survey team to schedule the site survey. For build partners, the job order will be signed when the job is ready for installation. For more on the differences between build and hybrid partners, please check out Installer Relationship with Project Solar.

Site Survey

During the onboarding phase, a customer is required to submit photos of their home- including photos of their roof, attic, main panel, etc. Typically, these photos are sufficient enough for engineering to be completed. Certain circumstances require an in-person site survey to take place in order to make sure the property is adequate for solar and to ensure nothing is missed in preparation for install. These circumstances include:

  • The home having any kind of tile roof.
  • The homeowner purchasing batteries or Enphase's "Sunlight Backup" along with their solar equipment.
  • You are a hybrid partner.
  • Project Solar request.

In the event that a build partner is asked to perform a site survey, per the MSA, an additional $250 will be paid out. The fee for a hybrid partner to handle a site survey is included in the base ppw.

Engineering, NEM, and Permitting

This step of the process only applies to our hybrid partners that are completing engineering, NEM, and permitting for Project Solar. 

As a hybrid partner of Project Solar, you will be responsible for completing engineering, NEM, and permitting. Once the site survey is done, engineering plans should be finished within a week. If there are any changes to the scope of work or PV design layout, inform your Project Solar hybrid representative who will then communicate with the customer.

After engineering is completed, proceed with NEM and permit submissions. If any change orders are required, wait for approval from the customer before proceeding with NEM or permit approvals.

Communication is essential throughout the NEM and permitting processes, and your hybrid representative will keep in touch with you and the customer at least weekly to ensure everyone is up to date.

Schedule Install & Delivery

After NEM approvals have been issued and permits approved, our scheduling team (scheduling@projectsolar.com) will be in contact with you to coordinate a date and time that is open for you and the customer for the install. Please be prompt in your response and be fully committed to the date that is agreed upon. If for any reason you need to reschedule the installation before the install date, please contact scheduling as soon as you come across the need. 

For more on scheduling the delivery of equipment, inspection, and maintenance, check out How does job scheduling work with Project Solar?

Day of Installation

Project Solar will provide support if needed on the day of installation through our installer support team. They will be available by phone at (360) 800-1004. They should be reached out to for general questions regarding the install, if missing parts are discovered on the day of installation, if something breaks on the day of install, or anything out of the ordinary happens on the day of installation.

Please make sure that the equipment is installed according to the planset provided by Project Solar. Changes should never be made due to preferences. If changes are required due to obstructions or other unforeseen circumstances, please reach out to installer support for approval.

After the install is complete, please make sure to commission the site. For instructions, please check out Enphase's Commissioning Guide. If you run into issues, please reach out to our install support team.

For more on the day of install and commissioning, check out our article that goes over the Day of Install.

Post-Install & Payment

After the installation takes place, please make sure to send all installation photos to quality control at qc@projectsolar.com. Payment will not be made until install photos are received, reviewed, and approved. 

When photos are checked and approved, 80% of the amount found on the job order will be paid out to you.

The remaining 20% will be paid out after the inspection takes place and the documentation of passed inspection has been received and emailed to inspections@projectsolar.com. It is up to you as the installer to schedule the final inspection and communicate this with Project Solar. We will confirm the date with the customer.

It is expected for their to be an 80% first-time pass rate for all jobs installed, and for all inspections to be passed within 2 weeks of installation unless waiting on as-builts, unpermitted structures, etc.

If the inspection date needs to change, this will be communicated to you by our inspections team. Just like the install, please make sure that you are fully committed to this date. It is preferred that these take place within 5 days of the installation being complete.

For more on inspections, check out What is the post-install process with Project Solar?

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