How does job scheduling work with Project Solar?

Project Solar will be in contact with you surrounding all aspects of scheduling. This includes delivery of equipment, installation, inspection, and maintenance.

Delivery of equipment




Delivery of equipment

At Project Solar, we strive to deliver all equipment to your warehouse location one week before the day of installation. If multiple installs are scheduled for the same week, all equipment will be delivered together on the same date the week before.

Upon delivery, you will receive a shipping invoice. It's important to review the invoice, bill of materials, and equipment to make sure everything is included. If anything is missing, contact installer support at (380) 800-1004 immediately.

If you're picking up material from our supplier, make sure to inspect everything before leaving to ensure you have all the equipment you need. Please note that Project Solar does not provide home deliveries.


Install scheduling with Project Solar typically happens via a weekly phone call. During this phone call, Project Solar will discuss all jobs in our pipeline that are ready for installation. It is expected for these jobs to be scheduled within 3 weeks of notification if circumstances allow. If not, Project Solar may look to other partners that may be able to install within that time frame. 

Please be fully committed to the agreed upon date. If for any reason you need to reschedule the install, please reach out to install support at (380) 800-1004.


Completing a solar installation is only half the job. After installation, you need to plan for the final inspection with the homeowner and the AHJ to ensure a smooth process and quick compensation. While still on-site, coordinate with the homeowner to find a convenient inspection date and communicate it to Project Solar's inspection team.

On the day of the inspection, you are responsible for sending the inspection results and required documents to Project Solar's inspection team by email. If corrections are needed, arrange a date with the homeowner, communicate it with Project Solar's inspection team and get it fixed.

Once all inspections are passed, Project Solar will submit the results to the utility and make arrangements for the final 20% of the installation cost to be paid out to you.

With these steps, you can ensure a smooth inspection process and get paid for your hard work. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Project Solar's inspection team at or (385) 526-3857.

For a more detailed breakdown of failed inspections and the As-built permitting process, check out 


Project Solar will be in contact in the event that a homeowner that was installed by you is in need of maintenance (microinverter not reporting, roof leak, broken tiles, etc.). Please be responsive to all maintenance requests.

Maintenance should be scheduled within 48 hours after notification and completed within 5 business days*. If you are notified of a roof leak and it is actively raining, or there is rain on the 24-hour forecast, you should be out to visit the site in less than 24 hours. If clear, you should be out to visit within 48 hours. Water tests need to be recorded and completed to prove it's not your liability as the installer.

*If there are maintenance or inspections not being done in the time frame above, we will draw on other resources to get them done. The charge for getting those done would be deducted from future pay to you. Further, if there are no shows, or cancellations within 24 hours, we will use other means to complete those maintenance issues and charge that back to you. We do this to maintain a positive customer experience.



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