Why Enphase Batteries?

For solar storage options, Project Solar sources the Enphase IQ batteries. They're efficient, safe, and pair perfectly with our Enphase microinverters.

If you've read any of our literature on batteries, you already know that we don't always recommend them. However, in some situations batteries can be beneficial--for integrated home solar backup, we source the Enphase IQ batteries.

This article will discuss why we've chosen Enphase as our battery provider.

For more information on our battery options and recommendations, see our article titled "Battery Options with Project Solar".

Enphase System Capabilities

Project Solar uses Enphase's microinverters for all our systems.

For more information on why, check out our article titled "Microinverters vs. String Inverters". In a nutshell, they're more efficient than string inverters, and they usually have better warranties as well.

Pairing Enphase inverters with Enphase storage components ensures that the monitoring and smart system capabilities can be used correctly.

Other batteries are not built to be compatible with Enphase software, which means customers won't be able to monitor and manage their system efficiently with a third-party battery. 

Enphase systems are user-controllable with the Enphase App, which is included in all our systems by default. Enphase batteries expand these capabilities even more, allowing customers to prepare for outages, monitor battery health, establish charging configurations based on usage patterns, and more. 

Enphase Battery Specs & Chemistry

In addition to their smart system features, Enphase batteries boast a depth of discharge (DoD) of 100%, which means that fully charging and discharging the battery will still allow optimal battery performance. Generally, batteries with higher DoD are regarded as higher quality.

Enphase's IQ batteries have an AC round trip efficiency of 96%, and a DC round trip efficiency of 89%.

They also include a top-of-the-line warranty: 10 years/4,000 cycles, expandable to 15 years/6,000 cycles (the cost of this extension is $333.33). A cycle refers to a battery charging fully and then completely discharging. 

Enphase guarantees 70% of the battery's capacity after 10 years/4,000 cycles, and 60% after 15 years/6,000 cycles.

Like most solar batteries, Enphase batteries use lithium-ion technology. However, they use a specific battery chemistry called Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), which isn't as common. 

LFP batteries generally last longer than other lithium ion options, and the inclusion of iron in their makeup reduces heat generation. This not only improves efficiency, but safety as well.

It also allows for passive cooling: a process that uses no moving parts/fans, decreasing noise. By comparison, other batteries (such as the Tesla Powerwall) require water cooling or fan ventilation to prevent heat output. 

Finally, one of the best parts of Enphase batteries is their expandability.  You can add multiple batteries to your system, and even add more batteries down the road as needed.

Plus, they come in two different sizes to make expanding your system even easier: 10.08kWh & 3.36kWh.

All these factors make Enphase IQ the ideal battery option for our systems: they're user-friendly, efficient, and safe. To read more information regarding Project Solar battery systems, check out the following articles:

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