Does Project Solar Service My Area?

Project Solar services the majority of the continental United States, but we do not have partnered installers in all areas. In states without installers, we can offer DIY install (do-it-yourself) projects where allowed by jurisdiction. 


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States with Full Install available 

The following states have Full Install available:

- Arizona

- Arkansas

- California

- Colorado

- Connecticut

- Delaware

- Florida

- Georgia

- Idaho

- Illinois

- Maine

- Maryland

- Massachusetts

- Missouri

- Montana

- Nevada

- New Hampshire

- New Jersey

- New Mexico

- New York

- North Carolina

- Ohio

- Oklahoma

- Oregon

- Pennsylvania

- Rhode Island

- South Carolina

- Texas

- Utah

- Vermont

- Virginia

- Washington

- Washington DC

- Wisconsin


It's important to note that this does not mean the entire state is eligible for Full Install. Some areas within these states may be completely out of installer range, and other areas may only be eligible for Full Install with added travel cost. 

If you'd like to know if Full Install is available in your specific area, go through our online calculator. This service will automatically provide install options based on your address.

You can also use the chat bubble in the bottom corner of our website. 

Project_Solar_Chat_Bubble.pngProject Solar Chat/Messaging Service, found at Available 9am-5pm Mountain Time, Monday-Friday.

Select "Chat with a human" to be connected to a representative, and provide your zip code.

Once we have this information, our Customer Support Team can tell you exactly what options are available in your area.

States without Full Install available (DIY)

The states not listed above (or below) do not yet have Project Solar installers, and are available for DIY projects only.

With DIY projects, Project Solar handles the design, engineering, permitting, and equipment procurement. The customer is responsible for installing the system or contracting a third party to do so. 

Some states and/or jurisdictions do not allow DIY solar--for example, DIY solar is currently prohibited in New Mexico. If you provide your zip code to our Customer Support Team (as explained above) they can provide more information about your specific jurisdiction's policies. 

For more information on self-install, check out our DIY articles.

States with no services currently available

Project Solar cannot currently service areas outside of the contiguous United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, or any US Territories. 

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