If I Have Issues With My Install, Who Do I Contact – the Installer or Project Solar?

If you have any issues after your installation, such as a leaky roof or damaged equipment, contact Project Solar. We will help you make a claim, coordinate with your installer, and schedule a repair. 

How to Start Your Claim 

We can start your claim anytime between 8:00am - 5:00pm MST. Either call us at 256-669-9660 or chat with us on our website. Here is how to find and navigate our chat widget: 

  1. Go to our homepage and click the orange circle with a speech bubble in the bottom-right corner. Image_12-5-22_at_3.17_PM.jpeg
  2. Click "chat with a human" to speak with somebody from customer service.Image_12-5-22_at_3.17_PM__1_.jpeg
  1. Send customer service a message that you want to make a warranty claim and schedule a repair. They will likely connect you with another department, such as our Post-PTO Team, that handles claims.

Once your claim is complete, we will communicate with your installer and update you when we schedule your repair. 

How We Uphold Your Double-Backed Warranty 

Our Project Solar Partnered Installers rarely cause damage to your roof or equipment while installing. But if it happens, we are ready to uphold your double-backed workmanship warranty. This means that Project Solar works as your advocate, ensuring your installer gets the repair done quickly. If your installer moves or goes out of business, we'll find you a replacement installer at our own expense. 

We have trained our teams to deal with repairs quickly and efficiently. You will feel better knowing that we have your back and that we work hard to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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