Who Will Be Installing My System? Who Are Project Solar's Installers?

If you don't want to perform your own installation, you can choose to have one of our professional Project Solar Partnered Installers do it for you. Our installers aren't direct employees but rather independent companies we have vetted and partnered with. Keep reading to learn more information about them.

How We Select Our Installers 

We put every installation company that applies to receive jobs from us through a vetting process. We ensure that they have the proper licenses, equipment, and level of experience needed to perform a high-quality, safe installation. On top of that, we have them sign an agreement that outlines all of our service expectations. Here are just some of the requirements they must meet:

  • Must be a licensed general contractor
  • Must have or operate under a master electrician license
  • Must offer and sustain a 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Must install within 30 days of accepting your job
  • Must be able to onboard you to the Enphase Enlighten app

Benefits of Choosing an Installer  

Installers are an excellent option for customers that have challenging projects that require training and experience, live in an area where do-it-yourself installations aren't allowed, or simply want to guarantee a quick and easy installation process.

Customers may prefer the installer option because they get a double-backed warranty, which means we and the installer agree to be liable for your installation. Also, since we handle all communications with installers, you won't have to worry about coordinating or scheduling with them. 

For Other Questions 

If you have additional questions about our installers or installation process, look your questions up on our FAQ page. We are constantly updating our knowledge base to help you find answers more quickly. 

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