Can I Add a Battery to My Project Solar System Later?

Project Solar does offer batteries, but we cannot facilitate battery-only installs. The only exception to this policy is customers who have had a system installed through us in the past. 

If you’ve read our article on batteries, you’ll know that we don’t always recommend them– they're often expensive and not always worth their high price tag.

Since battery technology is relatively new to residential solar, though, prices are expected to decrease in the future and warranties are expected to improve.

Because of this, it can sometimes be more cost-effective to add a battery to your system later down the line.

Project Solar can facilitate this, as long as you installed your original system through us and batteries are offered in your area. We cannot tie-in to existing solar systems from other companies.

To read more about adding to existing systems, check out the following articles:

It's also important to note that many federal, state, and local incentives for solar are only available for use once--this means that your battery install may not be available for incentives that you received on your initial system. We recommend contacting a tax professional for full information on any tax incentives, and your local jurisdiction or power company for information on any other local incentives.

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