Did My Onboarding Specialist Receive My Pictures?

The customer portal doesn't always verify that your "Site Survey" pictures were received. If you suspect that there could be an issue with your photographs, there are two ways you can check: 

Contact Your Onboarding Specialist 

Contact Customer Support 

Contact Your Onboarding Specialist 

Your Onboarding Specialist should reach out to you if they still need to get your pictures. If you haven't heard from them, though, contact them directly by following these steps: 

  1. Log into your customer portal.
  2. Go to the right-side column where it says “Your Onboarding Specialist.” You’ll find that there are two contact options listed: phone and email. Please wait up to two business days for them to respond.  


Contact Customer Support 

You can email customer service at support@projectsolar.com or message them with our chat widget.

  1. Go to the Project Solar website
  2. Click the orange circle with a speech bubble in the bottom-right corner.Image_11-14-22_at_9.59_PM.jpeg
  3. When the chat box opens up, select “chat with a human'' to talk to a Customer Service Representative. You can expect a quick response during business hours. 



Once we’ve confirmed that we have all the pictures we need, a panel-placement design and contract will be sent to you shortly.

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