How Do I Apply to Be a Project Solar Installer?

At Project Solar, we partner with installation companies all over the U.S. to install our customers' solar systems. If your company is interested in receiving jobs from us, keep reading to learn more about our expectations and requirements, how to apply with us, and the steps of our application process.

Expectations and Requirements  

To find out if you're eligible to partner with us, review our list of expectations and requirements: 

  • Must be a licensed general contractor
  • Must have or operate under a master electrician license
  • Must offer and sustain a 10-year workmanship warranty to all Project Solar customers you install for
  • Must install within 30 days of accepting the job
  • Must submit pictures of every step in the installation process
  • Must onboard customers to the Enphase Enlighten app
  • Must supply balance-of-system (BOS) materials  

How to Apply 

You can find the link to the application page by going to our website, scrolling down to the footer, and clicking "Join our Install Network."


The application form is at the bottom of the new page. It takes less than five minutes to complete, and you must fill out every field. 


The Application Process    

We move companies through the application process quickly. There are four steps till approval: 

Step One: Application Screening  

Once you submit your form, a Project Solar Representative will review it within one to two business days. If your answers align with what we need, they will reach out to continue the vetting process.

Step Two: Interview Call

The representative will call the phone number listed on your application to ask more questions about your company. They aim to establish traveling expectations, learn how your company performs services, and determine if you fulfill expectations and requirements.  

Step Three: Master Service Agreement 

If we decide you meet our standards, we will send you an email with a Master Service Agreement (MSA). You sign the agreement to accept the terms and conditions of our partnership. Please read it carefully. If you fail to fulfill any part of the agreement, it counts as a strike against you, and we can remove you from our network.    

Step Four: Information-Check Call 

When your agreement is signed, the representative will call to confirm your travel radius and ensure the information you gave is correct. Once your information is verified, we will add your company to our network and notify you whenever customers sign contracts in your coverage area.

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